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Qttropix is a team of creative minds & specialist in creating Corporate Films, Marketing & Sales AV's, Holograms Display Unit, Web Video Productions, Promos & Trailers. With a strong experience of over 18 year into Film & Television. Our compelling imagination, imagery, animations, graphics, photography, videography, films, write-ups & voice-overs will communicate your message across to your prospects, to make them exclaim. We are eager to work in every challenging and demanding situation. We determine a strategy that will reach your target audience and enhance your bottom line. We specialize in providing day-to-day solutions for your network’s daily creative requirements, thus allowing you to use your best assets more efficiently.

Qttropix intruduce to you 3D Holographic Display Unit one of its kind in India, Mumbai to cater to Digital OOH media industry.

Ideal for: Trade shows, conventions, stand alone displays.

Qttropix Creative Studio is currently India’s leading Holographic Display Manufacture & Developers. We take care of everything – from initial design consultancy to producing the 3D animations, supplying and setting up the hardware. Holographic Display box catches the consumer’s attention immediately and leaves an irreplaceable impression on their minds more than any other existence communication medium. Consumers today are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages. Holographic Display Box allows retailer to breakthrough the competitive clutter in a memorable and compelling way.

270 Degree Holographic Display

  3D Hologram Display   3D Hologram Display   3D Hologram Display

180 Degree Holographic Display

  3D HOLOGRAM   3D hologram    


360 Degree Holographic Display

  3D hologram        

Holographic Display For Smart Phone




Qttropix presents its very first and it's very own Film Festival - Qttropix Short Film Festival & Qttropix 180sec Short Film Competition

“Qttropix Short Film Festival” This is a project that was commenced in 2016 in order to empower the aspiring and ambitious filmmakers and gives the much needed platform to the youth by aiding wings to their talents.

"Qttropix 180sec Short Film Competition" on March 2016 - A challenge to think creatively and to cut ruthlessly.







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