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Corporate videos are audio-visual aids that reflect the core of an organization. These videos are impactful and resourceful tools that are ideal for marketing & sales as they leave a lasting impression on the target audience. Creating a brand video completes your branding communication strategy and reveals a company’s true strengths.

Making a corporate film involves all the same techniques as making any other film but there are some differences between a corporate film and a feature film. In a feature film the motivation is the story line, which comes from the film script. There might be similarities between a feature film and a corporate film if the corporate film is the story of a company, in the form of a promotional film. More commonly in corporate film, the concept of a story is replaced with that of a ‘message’, a sales pitch or an educational purpose.

Qttropix is a leading service provider in creating Corporate Films, AV Audio Visuals, Web video productions, Marketing & Sales AV's. We make quality films that serves the strategic objectives of marketing & corporate communications. We strongly believes in being an integral part of our clients success stories. We help clients build brands through the medium of films & Audio Visuals through our experienced team of professionals offering creative concepts & cutting edge advertising solutions, in a cost-effective, impactful and versatile.

Types of Corporate Films & Approaches

  1.          Promotional film (story/documentary/montage with music and narrator)
  2.          Presentation for teaching purposes (productization of knowledge)
  3.          Product demonstration (for information or teaching, for internal use or to stimulate sales)
  4.          Film which focuses on a particular issue (for example, health and safety)
  5.          Film that documents a company event (such as a product launch, training day, CEO speech etc.)

We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity. Creating your marketing videos 
under one concise and consistent brand voice. Seamless experiences and 
customer services that create return business and brand loyalty.



Scripts, Screenplays, Monologues, Scripts for Voice-Overs, etc., we write them all with the help of experienced writers and employ freelancers when necessary.

To help you pre-visualize the end result, we draw a series of rough sketches to show character placement and basic camera moves.


Like the various pages of this website that are coordinated to different color palettes, similarly, we also design mood boards, style-frames and animatic if necessary to help visualize end-products.

We either film or design the video on a computer based on the type of film that’s required. We strictly employ film personnel only and use industry standard equipment to give you the best.



Editing, Sound Designing, Color Grading, Dubbing, etc., this is where it all comes together and begins to make sense. We have our all-apple-studio well equipped to handle all of these with ease.


File Sizes, Frame Sizes, formats and more. We deliver your video from the screen size of a smart mobile to the screen of a film theater; even ready for YouTube or Vimeo.
Uploads can be done too.


For the growing needs of online marketing and SEO needs of companies big or small, Short Explainer Videos give you that extra edge over the competition. From live coverage to animation, we do it all.



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